Life Insurance through Provident Fund

It is an auto run retirement plan to improve and enhance the benefits of Provident fund for employees at their own discretion. The details of our proposal are as under.

Provident fund scheme is known as good scheme to provide financial help to the employees at the time of retirement, but it doesn’t cover the loss occurred due to discontinuation of the PF due to early death of the employee. No PF trust ensures to pay the planned amount, if the employee lost his life at any time during his job. This plan ensures the payment of nearest planned amount of PF if any loss of life is occurred before maturity of this plan.

6 Reasons for Permitting Life Insurance Against P.F 

1) Its Legal Right of the Employee as the PF rules permits. 4) Consistent Investment due to switching of Job. (Transferable Policy)
2) Adding the Life Insurance Coverage in P.F without any extra cost. 5) Shield against decreasing P.F Profit Rate.
3) Ensure Retirement Benefit if employee die before retirement. 6) Increase Loyalty of Employees towards employer.


Annual premium will be paid directly from Employees Provident Fund as per PF rules.

Employee Age 40 Years. 

Annual Premium Rs. 51560. 

Sum Assured Rs. 10,00,000.

Policy Maturity & Job Retirement Age is 60.

Policy Benefit Graph
  You Pay 1,082,880  
  Death Cover 2,000,000  
  Maturity 4,546,000  
Investment Compairison Graph
  You Pay 1,082,880  
  Bank PLS Rate 4% 1,676,796  
  DSC @ 7.812 2,616,314  
  SLIC Maturity 4,546,000  


Group Insurance Gratuity Provident Fund Proposed PF Life Insurance
Employees Contribution  Yes No Yes No*
Employer's Contribution  Yes  Yes  Yes No
Manged by Employer  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes
Death cover  Yes No No Yes
Retirement Benefit No Yes Yes Yes
Transferable No No No Yes
Guaranteed by Govt. of Pakistan No No No Yes
Pension for Nominee No No No Yes
Personal Loan Facility No No Yes Yes

* The premium will be payable from the interest accumulate in the individual’s PF account. The employee will not contribute any additional amount for it.

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